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Our Mission: The Coos County Foster Parent Association exists to provide on-going, meaningful support, advocacy, resources, and education for foster and adoptive parents, relative or guardianship caregivers and their families.

Our Vision:To see all children thrive. We believe that not only does each child have the right to a safe and loving home, but it is our responsibility as a community to ensure that all children find such a home.


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion: We insist on fairness and respect. We are deliberate in ensuring everyone has safety, opportunity, access, and support to be heard. We celebrate differences and harness the power that diversity brings. Every viewpoint is heard and honored. We are stronger because of our differences. We respect, leverage, and engage everyone’s unique strengths and talents so everyone can contribute to their full potential.


Family: ​We are family. We are connected and support one another in meeting the needs of our own families and the families we serve. We assume the best and are committed to each other.​

Innovation: We are intentional about knowing better and doing better, using innovative and solution-focused approaches with courageous passion and excellence.​

Integrity: We are an agency built on integrity, maintaining a culture of trust, respect, transparency, and honesty. We walk in our truth and uphold ethical standards.

Advocacy: We are courageous. We stand up for each other and what is right for our clients and stakeholders with truth, vulnerability, and accountability. We give voice to our youth and families who do not have a voice.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration: We develop and maintain authentic relationships by being flexible and open-minded and maximizing the strengths of each individual in the team to accomplish the best outcome for our children and families.



Elizabeth Moss



Becky Banks

Corresponding Secretary

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susan Zwicker

Board Member


Sharon Aday



Doreen Kelly

Board Member


Mandi Henderson

Board Member


Greg Dalton


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Kym Ray

Board Member

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Reserved for You!

Board Member


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