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The Foster Coalition of Coos & Curry (“FC3”) is a collective group of community partners supporting our South Coast foster community. Through collaborative programs, trainings, outreach, and fundraising, the FC3 works to recruit and retain resource parents, support youth in care, and help with reunification efforts. Community partners include:

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Every Child Coos
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Every Child Curry
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Resources and Partnerships

Court Hearing Statements

If your child has a CASA, encourage them to sit down and fill this out. If your child does not have a CASA, sit down with them and fill out the appropriate report and email to or drop it by our office at 1848 Thomas Avenue, Coos Bay. We will file this with the court. All parties on the case will get copies of these reports. This includes the Judge, caseworker (DHS), all attorneys (parents will have access through their attorney).

Teen Comments for Court
Youth 8-12 Years Comments for Court
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CASA Black.png
CASA Black.png
CASA Black.png
Resouce Parent Comments for Court
Youth Under 8 Years Comments for Court
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